Rye Lane residents fear new development will ‘box them in’ and block out light

News Desk (23 November, 2017)

"My family has been here for ten years. Surely we should have our views taken into account?" resident says

10208Michelle Delgado (far left)

Rye Lane residents are again campaigning against plans for flats to be built next door that will leave them “boxed in” and without sunlight.

Michelle Delgado, who lives with her husband and son at Co-operative House, by the junction with Philip Walk, said the development would “ruin” the ten-year-old community.

Developer Londonewcastle had a similar proposal rejected by Southwark Council last year, because it failed to abide by the council’s 35 per cent affordable housing policy.

The company’s new plans, which could be decided by planning committee before Christmas, include 29 flats in a five-storey building and a six-storey building. This time it offers 30 per cent affordable housing.

Michelle told the News: “We objected to the plans last year because the building would block out the sun from reaching our communal area, which everyone in the flats here enjoys, and where we can watch our kids playing. With another building next to us we would be boxed in. I can’t imagine what it would feel like.

“There’s 122 flats in Co-operative House and my family has been here for ten years. Surely we should have our views taken into account? And if we wanted to move there’s no way we would be able to afford find somewhere new in this area.” Co-operative House is made of four buildings forming a horseshoe shape, which lets sunlight pour into its courtyard and communal space from the south east throughout the year.

Forty-five local residents formally objected to the plans, and Michelle said a handful of Rye Lane businesses were concerned that the construction would bring noise, HGVs and disruption.

A spokesperson for Londonewcastle said: “Londonewcastle is keen to invest in the site’s regeneration, bringing a brownfield site back into active use and contributing to Peckham’s vitality and vibrancy.

“Londonewcastle submitted the proposals in May 2016, and have since been working extensively with Southwark Council to introduce a number of improvements in response to officers’ and residents’ comments regarding the original application. These include a revised design, reduced scale and massing and an increased affordable housing offering.”



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