Rye Lane shop to be transformed into gleaming example of Edwardian architecture

News Desk (28 September, 2017)

New development would add three flats above new shop or café on ground floor

19205Impression of shop in Rye Lane set for Edwardian transformation

A dingy Rye Lane shop could be transformed into a shining example of Edwardian architecture that once dominated Peckham’s town centre.

Local architect Benny O’Looney – the man behind the Peckham Rye Station waiting rooms revival – was hired by the owner of shop no. 211 to give it a touch of class. A planning application shows that three flats could be added above the shop.

Benny said: “I love the architecture in Peckham. You see one of the great moments of Edwardian architecture, when the mood was to rebel against simplicity and new cutting mechanisms allowed for elaborate new sculptures and shapes to made from stone.”

He said the unit would likely remain as a shop, but that the landlord may seek permission for it to become a café or restaurant.


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