Rye Lane works could be finished three months early

Katherine Johnston (20 March, 2019)

This week work starts between Hanover Park and Bournemouth Road


Gas company SGN says engineering work to replace the gas mains on Rye Lane continues to move ahead of schedule and could even be finished some three months earlier than planned.

This week, work will start on the next stage of the project, with the section between Hanover Park and Bournemouth Road expected to be closed to traffic and cyclists.

A signed diversion via Hanover Park and Consort Road will be put in place, though the road will continue to be open to pedestrians and shops and businesses remain open as usual.

SGN general manager, Drew Reynolds, said: “Our engineers have been able to use a new insertion technique allowing greater lengths of new plastic pipe to be inserted, enabling us to make excellent progress with our work.

“In addition, many of the service pipes feeding Rye Lane properties have been found to be in good condition and therefore not required replacing, allowing us to progress more quickly with our project.

“We’re hopeful on continuing our recent good progress as we enter our fourth phase of work between Blenheim Grove and Bournemouth Road.”

He said by current projections the whole project could be completed by the end of September, three months ahead of schedule.

Meanwhile the second round of funding to stage events and activities to help businesses while Rye Lane is closed to traffic has been announced by Southwark Council.

Ideas must aim to increase footfall and spend on Rye Lane and engage with the traders and small independent businesses. A maximum sum of £10,000 will be allocated for an event.

To find out more visit the council’s website.



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