Rye Oak Primary tells year five bubble to self-isolate after confirmed COVID-19 case

Katherine Johnston (09 September, 2020)

'No evidence' of transmission within the school

38821Rye Oak Primary credit: Google

Rye Oak Primary in Peckham  has sent its entire year five group home and told them to self-isolate after a confirmed COVID-19 case.

This week, the Whorlton Road school told parents a member of the year five bubble had tested positive for the Coronavirus but there was ‘no evidence’ of transmission within the school.

There are no further details about the person infected and whether they are a staff member or pupil.

The school says its immediate priority was contacting families and staff who may have had close contact with the virus.

Until Monday, September 21, the year five ‘bubble’ is learning at home while self-isolating.

A letter to parents explained: “The school has worked closely with Southwark Public Health and followed all guidelines and procedures.

“[They] have advised us that all sibling and other year groups can continue normal activities both in and beyond school and that currently there is no evidence of school transmission.”


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