Scalding hot water thrown over two mums on school run in Dulwich Village in ‘random attack’

Katherine Johnston (09 October, 2020)

Victim praised school staff for quick-thinking first aid

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Two women had scalding hot liquid thrown over them by an unknown assailant outside a Dulwich Village school  – but a month later no one has been arrested.

Staff from Dulwich Prep Early Years rushed to the first victim’s aid after she was doused with hot tea at around 11.30am on September 7 while in Gallery Road. At the time she was with her young son, who was fortunately unharmed.

She told the News she believes the female attacker, who has not yet been identified or arrested, lives locally and has even been seen in the vicinity – near several schools – in the last few days.

The victim has now shared her story to warn others to be vigilant in the Dulwich Village area after the seemingly random attack, and praised school staff for calling 999 so quickly and giving first aid.

Describing her attacker, she said: “She intentionally chucked her entire flask filled with boiling hot green tea on me, leaving me with a nasty burn.

“When I stopped her to ask her why she did that she just pushed me away and started screaming ‘leaving me f***ing alone’.

“She then chucked the rest of the tea on another lady coming out of the school.”

The incident could have been much worse. No children were hurt in the incident, and the second woman narrowly avoided injury thanks to shielding her skin.

The victim has shared a photograph of her alleged attacker with police – which the News is unable to publish for legal reasons.

Southwark neighbourhood inspector Tom Cornish confirmed no arrests had been made yet, and urged witnesses or anyone with information to come forward – describing the investigation as ‘ongoing’.

“One woman suffered minor burns to her arm while the other was uninjured as the liquid hit her clothing only, and appears to have been hot tea,” he told the News.

“First Aid was given at the scene and no further medical aid was required.

“The suspect – a woman – left on foot.

“Police officers responded quickly to the incident, allegations of assault were recorded and the investigation continues.”

Witnesses or anyone with information should call 101 and quote incident 2364/07SEP20.


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