SE1 nursery children make artwork for isolated members of the community

Josh Salisbury (12 November, 2020)

Kids at Coin Street Nursery made the artwork for older lonely residents

40395Family Volunteering Club - Photo credit Zara Harris

Nursery children in SE1 made original artworks to give to isolated members of the community which were then delivered to their door.

Children at Coin Street Nursery, on Stamford Street, took part in a project with Family Volunteering Club to give the drawings to older pensioners who may be isolated.

On Saturday 31 October and Sunday 1 November, Family Volunteering Club made individual visits to outside of the homes of the participants to deliver the artworks from the nursery children.

Each participant was also treated to a fifteen minute performance from a professional artist, Lola Oh, as well as songs from baritone Peter Edge.

Peter Edge – Photo credit Zara Harris

“I am absolutely over the moon and crying happy tears, I loved the singing and the beautiful picture from the children, my neighbours came out and enjoyed it too,” said one.

”I will never forget it, thank you.”

The children in the nursery had a fantastic, fun time creating works of art to share with the participants,” Jane Christofi, Head of Early Years Education at Coin Street Nursery said.

“This is the first in our inter-generational projects and we were really proud to be part of such a fantastic project bringing members of our community closer together.

“The children will be so excited to see the photos from the day.

The look on the participants’ faces will be a joy to share with the children and families.”


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