SE1: St Thomas’ nurse praised by Boris Johnson for saving his life ‘blown away’ by recognition

Josh Salisbury (13 April, 2020)

The nurses have been praised by the prime minister after he came out of St Thomas' yesterday

34403Exterior of St Thomas' Hospital

A St Thomas’ nurse name-checked by Boris Johnson for her exceptional coronavirus care is ‘blown away’ by the recognition, say her family.

Boris Johnson thanked nurses and doctors at the SE1 hospital in a speech yesterday for saving his life from Covid-19 – including “two nurses who stood by my bedside for 48 hours when things could have gone either way.”

So far more than ten thousand people have died from the disease in the UK.

The PM had spent seven days at the hospital, including several in intensive care, and said in the video message that the NHS saved his life.

One of those mentioned by name by Mr Johnson has been identified by the media in her native New Zealand as Jenny McGee.

Ms McGee’s brother, Rob, told the New Zealand Herald: “We are all very proud of Jen, not just in the support she gave Boris – but what she has been doing helping everyday people.

“Whilst she is blown away by Boris’s recognition, she is just really pleased to see the public recognition for the amazing work the NHS is doing – that made her really proud.”

Jenny’s efforts were also praised by her old school in Invercargill, in New Zealand’s South Island.

In a statement on Facebook, Verdon College said: “Our sincerest admiration for the work and dedication of past pupil Jenny McGee who was singled out by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for helping him get through his serious illness due to Covid-19.

“Jenny is described by her past teachers as an absolutely delightful person and someone who had a caring and humble nature.”

Another nurse mentioned by Mr Johnson, Luis Pitarma, has been praised by the president of Portugal, his native country.

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said in a statement: “President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has already personally thanked the nurse Luis Pitarma, and also thanks the commitment of all Portuguese health professionals who in Portugal and around the world are providing decisive help in the fight to the pandemic.”


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