Seed-Circumference’s latest spectacle at Potters’ Field in Bermondsey

Staff Reporter (07 August, 2019)

Circumference performs in Potters Field for a greener future.

30698Seed will contain aerialists, acrobats and live music. Photo provided by Team London Bridge.

Live music, acrobats, and aerialists will be in full force in Circumference’s Seed in Potters Field today and tomorrow, writes Hillary Chaisson

The main focus of this performance is audience participation.

The stage will be used out of raw materials and audience members are asked to bring a plant, small disposable object, or item of clothing to be included in the installation.

Audience members will also be rewarded with a plant seed to take home.

Circumference states that the main goal of this installation is to bring about environmental awareness.

Circumference is a contemporary circus group that formed in 2014 that offers a different kind of circus style to audiences, by combining interactive acrobatic performances, innovative story lines, and audience participation.

Runing Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 August – for more information can be found at



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