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News Desk (04 June, 2015)

The closing date for nominations for the next plaque is June 21.


There are over 50 Southwark Blue Plaques proudly celebrating the borough’s rich history since the News and Southwark Heritage started the scheme with Southwark Council back in 2003.

Every year we ask for nominations from the public for who or where you think deserves to be recognised for their historical significance.

Last year F.A. Albin and Sons funeral directors, who have been working in the borough for more than 200 years, received the award after a landslide in the public vote. Now we want you to tell us which Southwark person or place should be given its rightful place in history.

If you would like to nominate a person, place or building, please email or

Call 0207 2315258 for postal details. The closing date for nominations is June 21.

Solarium Court says:

One for Dr Alfred Salter outside Bermondsey Health Centre on Grange Road please! Would be good to honour his contribution to improving public health in Southwark.

Mrs. Stephanie Lodge says:

Yes I absolutely agree, anyone who’s contributed to the health and well being of Southwark Kind deserves such a reward, and even more are needed now,
as so much poor health and obesity is on record. Walking & Cycling are far
healthier than being stuck in endless ‘rush hours’ where nothing is moving!
We need a more relevant Clean Air Act NOW, CAA 1956 is obsolete! The air we’re expected to breath is literally quite breathtaking!

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