Share your stories of Southwark for upcoming exhibition

Staff Reporter (05 March, 2021)

What does Southwark mean to you?

34862Kirby Estate victory party for VE Day - Image: Southwark History Library

A creative design studio is asking Southwark residents to share their stories of the borough for a collaborative exhibition, writes Simon Throssell…

‘Southwark Today’ is the latest project by Syrup, a social design and engagement studio creating projects with people about places.

Running throughout 2021, the project will explore the history of the borough through the experiences, voices and stories of local residents.

Their aim is to build a resource for future generations to find out what the area meant to Southwark residents in the 20th and 21st centuries.

On a trip to the local history archive, the Syrup team discovered cuttings from ‘Clubland’, Walworth Methodist Church’s recreational club started by the late Reverend James Butterworth.

They also found a poster advertising an upcoming play at the North Peckham Civic Centre on Old Kent Road.

Tickets for Noel Coward’s famous “This Happy Breed” were as cheap as 25p and expensive as 50p.

Syrup is particularly interested in your memories of moving, growing up and working in the borough; or even how the events of 2020 affected you.

The studio will be holding a series of events and creative workshops to connect with the people who live, work and play in the borough.

For more information about the project and how you can participate, visit


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