Simon Hughes loses seat in shock defeat

Admin (08 May, 2015)

After 32 years in office, the senior Liberal Democrat lost by more than 4,000 votes to Labour’s Neil Coyle

2397Simon Hughes at the vote count announcement in Tooley Street

In a shock wipe-out of Liberal Democrat MPs across the country, long-serving Bermondsey and old Southwark veteran Simon Hughes lost his seat last night.

After  more than 30 years in power,  Hughes lost out to Labour candidate Neil Coyle by more than 4,000 votes

The north Southwark constituency was thrown into the national media spotlight as pundits said it was ‘too close to call’, signifying the political knife edge pollsters said the country was balanced on.

But last night’s total obliteration of the Lib Dems, including other senior ministers like Vince Cable, was dramatically clear cut in the end.

With Labour’s Mr Coyle on 22,146 votes, Mr Hughes’s 17,657 votes were nowhere near enough to keep him safe.

Speaking to the News after the result came in last night, a victorious Neil Coyle said he felt “amazing.”

“What a privilege, what an honour,” he said. “This is my home. This is where Sarah and I want to have our family, to be the MP to be serving is a privilege, it’s an honour. I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

Mr Coyle, 36, was gracious in his victory speech when he said: “I would like you to acknowledge the three decades of contribution that Simon Hughes has made to people’s lives in this community through case work.

“We know that the verdict of the people of Bermondsey and Southwark is not a verdict on Simon Hughes – it was a verdict on five years of Cameron and Clegg’s coalition,” he added.

In his speech Mr Hughes said it had been his mission to ensure that individuals, families and community groups knew there was “somebody there who will fight for them to the end of the earth to make sure they get what they deserve – I think that is a legacy that can not be undone.”


The Bermondsey & Old Southwark vote


Neil Coyle (Labour) 22,146 (43.1%)

Simon Hughes (Liberal Democrat) 17,657 (34.3%)

JP Floru (Conservative) 6,051 (11.8%)

Andrew Beadle (UKIP) 3,254 (6.3%)

William Lavin (Green) 2,023 (3.9%)

Kingsley Abrams (Trade Union & Socialist Coalition) 142 (0.3%)

Lucy Hall (Independent) 72 (0.1%)

Donald Cole (All People’s Party) 59 (0.1%)

Steve Freeman (The Republican Socialist Party 20 (0%)


For Camberwell and Peckham results click here 

For Dulwich and West Norwood results click here

LowTaxes says:

Shame. Great MP for over 30 years

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