‘Slumflower’ tells women who experience uncomfortable sex not to suffer in silence

Katherine Johnston (07 February, 2019)

'When it comes to our sex lives, why are we de-prioritising our own pleasure?'

27791Eggerue (c) Tom Oldham

Chidera Eggerue, the Peckham-born blogger, writer and TV presenter is backing a new campaign to raise awareness of the impact painful sex has on women.

As the News reported last year, Eggerue, best known by her blogging alias, The Slumflower, has used her social media platform and profile to encourage young women to be confident in their bodies, most famously with her #SaggyBoobsMatter movement.

Now she is lending her voice to a campaign encouraging women to talk about uncomfortable sex, saying too many are ‘suffering silence’ as they are too embarrassed to use lubricant.

New research commissioned by Durex shows that 73% of women have experienced discomfort during sex.

One in three women say the problem reduces their sex drive, and one in ten have even faked an orgasm to end sex more quickly.

The manufacturer has launched a new website with advice for dealing with the issue.

According to Durex, many women are unaware that women often feel ‘drier’ at certain points in their menstrual cycle as well as during the menopause. Stress, tampons and having a baby can all also lead to vaginal dryness.

But the company says buying and using lubricant during sex is still ‘taboo’ for many women.

Eggerue said: “As women, we are empowered in so many elements of our lives – we can own whatever look, job and lifestyle we choose – but when it comes to our sex lives, why are we de-prioritising our own pleasure?

“It shocks me to hear the ways that women deal with feeling uncomfortable in bed, when really, they could just reach for a simple solution.

“We’re calling for all women to stop suffering in silence and prioritise their pleasure!”

For more information visit durex.co.uk/pages/natural-hub


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