Southwark becomes a winter wonderland

Katherine Johnston (28 February, 2018)

Readers share their favourite snowy snaps


Southwark was transformed into a winter wonderland on Wednesday morning after waking up to a blanket of thick snow.

King’s Stairs Gardens, above

Children at Ark Academy wasted no time in getting straight down to their most important work – building two snowmen and posing for some frosty photos.

Ark Academy pupils with their snowman

Meanwhile, rush hour commuters enjoyed taking a more scenic route through Southwark’s public parks.

Rotherhithe’s Russia Dock


And a few brave souls even went for an arctic swim in Brockwell Lido.

The outdoor pool reported a water temperature of a very chilly 3.5 degrees Celsius.


Herne Hill’s Brockwell Lido


A bit of snow couldn’t keep Dr Rossdale from Guys and St Thomas’, who sent us this picture…

St Thomas’ Hospital, facing the houses of parliament.


…. but some residents said they had no i-deer how they were going to get to work, and decided on a snow day instead.

Stave Hill ecological park, in Rotherhithe


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