‘South London Club’ discount cards celebrate one year anniversary with 5,000 subscribers and 650 businesses

News Desk (26 October, 2017)

Discount cards were set up last year to encourage shoppers to use independent local firms

19762Thomas Page stood outside the 2 Girls' Cafe in Peckham Rye, one of 650 businesses that accept South London Club discount cards

A south London discount card scheme with more than 650 businesses on board is making it cheaper for everyone to shop locally.

The South London Club Card, setup to support local independent businesses, has just celebrated its one-year anniversary. And more than 5,000 south Londoners have subscribed.

The Club Card was also set up to help small firms through April’s dramatic business-rate increase. Some 1,300 businesses in Southwark take on an average rate increases of 24 per cent.

South London Club founder Thomas Page said: “The recent business rate tax adjustment has hit South London’s small businesses disproportionately harder than the rest of the UK, due to it being tied to the price of property in London.

“Local businesses provide character, quality, diversity, opportunity and jobs to our local area and need our support more than ever. It’s important we don’t price out local businesses otherwise we’ll lose the value, unique identity and opportunities they bring to our neighbourhoods.”

For its anniversary, the club is also offering a newly-design discount card.

Read more about the range of discounts offered at shops across Southwark by visiting www.southlondonclub.co.uk.


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