Firefighters investigate cause of Southwark Bridge Road railway bridge fire

Admin (26 October, 2020)

Scaffolding underneath the bridge had caught fire

39856The scene yesterday morning (Joseph Cummins)

Firefighters dealt with a small blaze on the bridge spanning Southwark Bridge Road yesterday morning, writes Joseph Cummins…

The scaffold boards underneath the bridge were ablaze, but luckily nobody was injured.

Ruby Rees-Sheridan, 26, of Newington Causeway said: “It was falling on the cyclists and that’s when I called the fire brigade.

“It was so weird, we couldn’t work out what was going on.”

The Brigade had to tackle the fire from underneath, said a witness, because they weren’t able to get onto a nearby roof from which to spray their hose.

The fire on Sunday morning (Photo: Joseph Cummins)

Firefighters have not yet been able to confirm the cause of the blaze, which started around 8.20am.

A spokesperson for the Brigade said: “The Brigade was called at 0821 and the fire was under control by 0849. Fire crews from Dowgate Fire Station attended the scene.”



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