Southwark businesses to be rated for ‘Covid compliance’ under new scheme

Josh Salisbury (14 September, 2020)

The scheme means businesses can be 'failed' for their adherence to coronavirus safety measures


Southwark businesses will be assessed for their coronavirus safety measures in a new pilot launched today.

The council scheme will see businesses such as cafes, pubs and restaurants being rated for their social distancing measures, track and trace arrangements and cleanliness.

By law, businesses must already carry out a coronavirus risk assessment. The scheme will see environmental health practitioners deployed by the council visit the sites to check the measures.

 Firms will be given a simple pass or fail – and those failing will be given time to fix the problems before another assessment.

Those who have passed the “Covid secure” assessment will get a sticker placed in the window, similar to food hygiene schemes.

“Local authorities and businesses’ response to Covid-19 is an evolving situation, and as such, safety can never be completely guaranteed,” said the council’s top boss, Cllr Peter John. 

“However, it’s very important that we aim to introduce consistency in how we look at the changing regulations and risk assessments. 

“This new scheme offers that consistent approach and looks at a simple checklist of measures that businesses can carry out, which follow the Government’s guidelines on keeping people safe.”

Thirty businesses are currently partaking in the trial throughout September and October. If successful, the scheme – led by the City of London Corporation alongside Southwark and Camden – could be rolled out across London.


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