Southwark Cathedral: Church fire safety day to be held following Notre Dame blaze

Josh Salisbury (29 April, 2019)

A day of fire safety talks for churches will be held at the Cathedral following the Notre Dame blaze

29256A fire safety day will be held at the Cathedral tomorrow for church delegates to avoid fire in their historic buildings (Image: Elliott Brown / CC2.0)

A fire-safety day for churches will be held at Southwark Cathedral, following the devastating blaze at Notre Dame in Paris.

Delegates from churches and cathedrals across the south-east will descend on Southwark Cathedral on April 30 to hear from experts how to reduce the risk of fires in historic church buildings.

Other sessions were held at Gloucester days prior to the devastation at Notre Dame, while two more are scheduled at Rippon and Peterborough cathedrals in May.

“As we saw at Notre Dame a major fire at a cathedral or greater church would be a huge loss, so anything we can do to help protect these buildings is very important,” said Claire Attenborough, of insurance firm Ecclesiastical, set up by the Church of England, which is running the sessions.

The business also said it would also offer help to the French authorities if needed.

“It was absolutely heart-breaking to see such a beautiful, spiritually and historically significant cathedral engulfed in flames,” said the firm’s CEO, Mark Hews.

“Our thoughts are with the people of France as they come to terms with the damage to such an iconic building.”

The fire, which broke out on April 15, tore though much of the building’s roof and destroyed its historic spire.

Around a billion euros have been pledged to fund the reconstruction effort so far.


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