Southwark Cathedral bells to toll in memory of 72 Grenfell victims three years on

Josh Salisbury (08 June, 2020)

Churches across London will toll their bells 72 times in memory of the victims

37102Image: Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral will ring its bells 72 times this weekend in memory of the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017.

Bells across London will toll at 6pm on Sunday, June 14 to remember those who sadly lost their lives in the tower-block fire.

Among the churches taking part in the act of commemoration are Southwark Cathedral, and St Giles’s Church in Camberwell.

Following the bell-ringing, a two-minute silence will be observed in memory of those who lost their lives.

Grenfell United, the family and survivors group established in the wake of the tragedy, has said it means a lot to those who lost loved ones to have churches remember the victims three years on.

“It means a lot to our families and the community that across London bells will ring out in memory of 72 loved ones lost at Grenfell,” said the group.

“Thank you to all faith communities across London that stand with our community in North Kensington to pay respect and show that 72 lives are forever in our hearts.”

More than eighty churches across the capital will take part, including Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s.

The Bishop of Kensington, the Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin, urged the public not to forget those who were affected by the tragedy.

“Nearly three years ago, the tragedy at Grenfell Tower left us wondering how this could happen in a twenty-first century city like London,” he said.

“We are now facing a very different tragedy in the form of coronavirus, but we continue to ask similar questions.

“As we try to make sense of what we are living through today, let’s not forget that hundreds of families are still trying to make sense of what happened on that day in June 2017.

“Life has not moved on for the families and friends of the 72 victims – they still mourn the loss of their loved ones and seek justice.”


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