Southwark Cathedral moves services online to ‘keep people as safe as possible’

Josh Salisbury (14 January, 2021)

The Cathedral has closed for private prayer and public worship

40109Southwark Cathedral. Photo by Michele Ursino

Southwark Cathedral has closed its doors to worshippers in response to the surge of Covid cases.

The chapter of the Cathedral made the decision to close to private prayer and public worship at the start of the week, saying it was the right move to keep the public safe.

Although allowed to operate during the lockdown, churches have been urged to close by mayor Sadiq Khan to protect their congregation.

“We regret having to do this but believe we have a duty to help keep people as safe as possible in this fast changing situation,” said the Dean of Southwark, Andrew Nunn.

Services have now moved online. It comes after a similar move was made by St Paul’s Cathedral last weekend.

“I know how tough this decision would have been,” said Sadiq Khan in response to the announcement. 

“Places of worship are so important to our communities, especially in difficult times like these, but this is the right decision to take in order to keep people safe and help get the virus under control.

“I hope others do the same.”


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