Help Southwark copper find wedding ring lost on London Marathon patrol

News Desk (28 April, 2016)

His ten year anniversary is next month


A Southwark copper lost his wedding ring while on duty during the Marathon, a month before his 10th anniversary, writes Alex Yeates…

Simon Smith has been served the borough for fourteen years and lost the platinum ring from Tiffany and Co while cycling along the route.

He only noticed the ring was gone when he took his gloves off near the end of the day near the McDonald’s on Evelyn Street, Deptford.

Emma-Jane Smith, Simon’s wife, said: “He thinks he lost it before the marathon started at around 9:30am. He was taking off his cycling gloves at the final location and then noticed it was gone.

“We bought the ring in New York before we got married. It was very romantic. We kept them till we got married 18 months later. It will be our 10 year anniversary on May 20.

“He never takes it off. He was devastated. I could tell by his voice that he was upset. With the amount of people around there wasn’t much hope of finding it. He tried to and even went through a bin.”

Emma-Jane and Simon live in Kent with their three children, a daughter aged seven, and sons aged two and one.

Anyone who believes they have found the ring, please hand it in at your nearest police station.  


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