Southwark could gain a new Black Cultural Centre

Katherine Johnston (04 March, 2020)

The council is looking into feasibility of the project

8116The council's offices on Tooley Street

A new Black Cultural Centre could be built in Southwark after the idea was put forward by two Labour councillors.

Backbenchers Maggie Browing and Jason Ochere have pushed the council to look into the viability of the project, saying that a new centre would celebrate the borough’s diversity and condemn the government’s ‘hostile environment’ policies.

The centre could also act as a meeting space and hold community events.

They are calling for £100,000 to be set aside for a feasibility study into the project.

Although nearly half the borough’s population identified as black, Asian or from another ethnic minority background, there is no existing formal centre in the borough.

The Black Cultural Archives is based nearby in Brixton and Southwark is also home to The Africa Centre near Waterloo.

John Davies says:

£100,000 just for a study into the subject. And there’s me thinking our council was skint. I have no objection to black only cultural centres, just wondering where the White cultural centres will be going. Or are they racist

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