Southwark Council rejects developers’ attempt to alter protections on Dulwich Hamlet FC land

News Desk (01 December, 2016)

‘No grounds’ to discharge S106 agreement on Hamlet ground

7923A CGI image from 2016 of the new stadium. The plans have undergone several iterations.


Southwark Council has rejected an attempt by the developers of Dulwich Hamlet FC’s ground to vary Section 106 protections of the site.

The application was made by Greendale Property Company Ltd because the proposal for the redevelopment of the site involves building apartments within the grounds.

Currently the whole ground is subject to a S106 agreement that prevents the land having any use other than leisure.

On the basis that the site is currently in use by the football club, the council said there were “no grounds” to discharge the agreements.

Greendale Property Company Ltd is the development company established as a joint venture between Hadley Property Group and Meadow Partners, who own the site.

East Dulwich ward Liberal Democrat councillor, James Barber, said: “While I am pleased that this application has been refused, it shows the need to watch the property company like hawks.

“Ditching the Section 106 commitments to the community would mean housing can be built on the current football ground site.

“The proposed replacement ground isn’t fit-for-purpose and will build on Metropolitan Open Land.

“With an ever-increasing population the council must hold the line and keep all our existing open space.

“In 1982 the Labour council sold out and a Sainsbury’s superstore was built on Champion Hill playing fields.

“I now fear they could do the same again and agree to new housing on the current Dulwich Hamlet FC home and build a new football ground on existing open space.  Where will it all end?”

A poll earlier this year of Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust (DHST) members on whether to support the proposals showed 94 per cent supported the development.

Duncan Hart, Chair of DHST, said: “If carried out as proposed, the redevelopment of Champion Hill offers the best chance to secure the long term future of our football club.

“It will enable the club to be protected for future generations by trusting ownership to those who care the most, us, the fans.

“The plans will also provide a new leisure facility that will be accessible to the local community, including local schools.

“This is squarely in line with Southwark Council’s aims and objectives. We therefore urge the council to consider the planning application at its earliest opportunity, and to amend the S106 protection only when the plans for overall redevelopment have been approved.”

With regard to Dulwich Hamlet FC’s ground in Dog Kennel Hill, East Dulwich and the proposed development of a new stadium and housing on the site, a spokesperson for Meadow Residential said: “Following the decision of the London Borough of Southwark to refuse the application to discharge the site’s existing Section 106 agreement, the project team, along with the landowner, are now considering all the available options.”


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