Southwark Crime Snapshot: What were Southwark’s most lawless areas in March?

Herbie Russell (16 May, 2022)

The News has gathered the data to find out which six areas were the worst offenders, and the full list is also available.

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London Metropolitan Police have released their March stats, revealing which six areas of Southwark saw the most criminality that month.

1. London Bridge and West Bermondsey – 417 crimes recorded

London Bridge & West Bermondsey boundaries.

Stretching from London Bridge to the Old Kent Road roundabout, London Bridge and West Bermondsey saw the most criminality in March, with a staggering 417 crimes reported.

Anti-social behaviour was the most commonly reported crime, with police responding to 82 incidents.

There were also 76 thefts, 57 violent and sexual offences, and 48 thefts from the person.

2. Rye Lane – 353 crimes recorded

Rye Lane boundaries.

Rye Lane came in second, with March’s crime almost doubling compared to February.

Once again, anti-social behaviour came out on top, with Rye Lane having Southwark’s highest number of such incidents – 132.

There were also 56 violent and sexual offences, 47 thefts, and 29 incidents of vehicle crime.

3. Borough and bankside – 341 crimes reported

Borough and Bankside boundaries.

Affluent Borough and Bankside was the third most crime-ridden area in the borough, with its 341 reported crimes, due in large part to the high prevalence of theft.

There were an astonishing 87 incidents of theft as well as 52 thefts from the person in March.

Anti-social behaviour troubled police on 82 separate occasions, while there were 44 violent and sexual offences, and 18 drug-related crimes.

4. North Walworth – 285 crimes recorded

North Walworth boundaries.

Home to the bustling Walworth Road, North Walworth has the crime to match its high population density, with 285 recorded incidents.

Anti-social behaviour was, expectedly, the most prevalent offence, with police responding to 114 incidents in March alone.

There were also 51 violent and sexual offences, 26 incidents of theft, and another 26 cases of theft from the person.

5. Rotherhithe – 254 crimes recorded

Rotherhithe boundaries.

With 254 crimes reported, Rotherhithe ran a close fourth but ultimately comes fifth in this list.

There were 84 cases of anti-social behaviour, 49 violent and sexual offences, 24 incidents of theft and 19 public order offences.

6. South Bermondsey – 248 crimes recorded

South Bermondsey boundaries.

Just edging itself into sixth place was South Bermondsey, which recorded 248 crimes throughout March.

There were 80 incidents of anti-social behaviour, 57 violent and sexual offences, and 17 thefts.

The area also saw a concerning number of arson and criminal damage incidents, with a notable 20 recorded.

The Full list
  1. London Bridge and West Bermondsey 417

2. Rye Lane 353

3. Borough and Bankside 341

4. North Walworth 285

5. Rotherhite 254

6. South Bermondsey 248

7. Old Kent Road 228

8. North Bermondsey 204

9. Chaucer 196

10. Camberwell Green 168

11. St George’s 167

12. Nunhead and Queens Road 163

13. St Giles 152

14. Crofton Park 150

15. Faraday 128

16. Surrey Docks 128

17. Newington 126

18. Goose green 125

19. Dulwich Wood 88

20. Champion Hill 80

21. Dulwich Hill 77

22. Dulwich village 66


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