Southwark Food Bank launches urgent COVID-19 appeal

Josh Salisbury (19 March, 2020)

'The impact of the outbreak on the economy will be felt most by those we regularly support' it said

26907A volunteer at Pecan foodbank pictured in 2018

The Southwark Food Bank has launched an urgent appeal for donations so that it can continue supporting those in need.

The service run by Pecan, based in Peckham, said it would be adapting its service to deal with the crisis, and that it needed money donations to keep its centres running.

“We are adapting our service with the current uncertain climate and the changing needs and circumstances around COVID-19,” said the charity this afternoon.

“The people who will be hit hardest by this pandemic are those who are vulnerable to food insecurity already.

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“The impact of the outbreak on the economy will be felt most by those we regularly support and the charity that hosts us.”

It added: “Help us by donating money to keep our centers running and our service accessible to those who need to use a foodbank.”

“I know many great people are already helping,” said Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP, Neil Coyle. “But please donate items, funds and (most importantly) your time if you can support keeping local foodbanks open for those who need them in this tough time!”

You can find more details on how to donate to the charity here.


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