Southwark murder rate second highest in London so far this year

Josh Salisbury (07 September, 2018)

Seven murders have been recorded in Southwark so far this year - second only to Haringey


Southwark has the second highest number of recorded murders out of all the London boroughs so far this year according to a new analysis.

The analysis of the Met’s homicide data, conducted by the Press Association, reveals that police have logged seven Southwark murders – second only to Haringey.

Eight murders have been recorded by police in Haringey, while none have been registered in Sutton and Bexley up until September 6.

The numbers take the total London murder rate to 100 for the year, following an arson attack on a 40-year-old woman in Woolwich, south London on Thursday morning.

The victims are mostly young with the highest proportion of murders recorded in the 16-24 age group and four for children aged fifteen and under.

Among those four are 15-year-old Rhyhiem Barton, who was fatally shot while playing football with his friends in Warham Street, Camberwell, on May 5.

In harrowing BBC documentary Murder On Our Streets broadcast this week friends of the tragic teen said he was set up to fail.

Rhyhiem’s close friend and mentor, Sayce Holmes-Lewis, said: “When a school or organisation decides to exclude permanently an eight-year-old young, black male, you are setting him up to fail.

“The stereotypical journey, it is a school to prison pipeline – or a school to death pipeline.”

Another, 23-year-old Sidique Kamara was also found stabbed to death on the same Camberwell street on August 1.

The rapper, who performed under the names Incognito and SK, died as a result of two stab wounds to the chest.

A man has been charged with 23-year-old’s Sidique’s murder, but the police have yet to charge anyone with murdering Rhyhiem.


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