Southwark News readers send their mums Mother Day messages – is there one for you?

Kevin Quinn (21 March, 2020)

Even if you are in isolation we can still say we love you


Happy Mother’s Day

luv you lots

love Gel, Steve & Bella.




Happy Mother’s day to a super Mum and Nan.

Lots of love  Emma,

Nobbie & Toffee




Happy mother’s day Una White from your son

Gerard xxx



Chrissie the best Mother and Grandmother in the world have a Spiffing great day all our love Johnfon Lauren Johnboy Katie Jamie Ellie-May Lily-Rose


Josie and Teddy




Happy Mother’s Day to a very special mum and nanny P xxx thank you for all you do and we love you with all our hearts xx love from Michelle, Courtney, Chloe and Maddie xx



Dear mum I think you are the best mum In the world. Happy Mother’s Day love from

Chloe and Maddie and Courtney




Happy heavenly Mother’s day, big kiss, Digga Dullaghan



To the best Mum and Nan in the whole world Debra Fisher

Happy Mother’s Day mum, i love you with all my heart, hope your day is as special as you are.

Love you lot’s your daughter Carly



Happy Mother’s Day Christine Pooke. Thanks For All You Do For Me & The Girls! Love Kerry, Rosie, Daisie & Pollie

x x x x x



Gillian you are the best mum, nan we could ask for thanks for everything you do for us love Sarah, Steven, Tony and Oliver




Happy Mother’s Day mum and happy Mother’s Day

to our Nanny

Love Vikki, Dan, Hudson and Oakley  xXx



Ashleigh Brookes

Happy Mother’s Day to our amazing mum. Hope you have a great day. Lots of love Harry, Milly, Tommy, Olly, Albby




Mary Breen

Happy Mother’s Day Nan we hope u have the best day you can have. Lots of love Harry, Milly, Tommy, Olly and Albby




Happy heavenly Mother’s Day Mum. We love & miss you every day you are always with us

Love Kim Gary Karen Ann Paul & Hayley  x



Happy Mother’s Day to my mum (Karina Lane) you’re my best friend and partner in crime and I would be so lost without you. Thank you for everything, you’re my world. Love you lots

love Emma xxx



Happy Mother’s Day nan (Sheila Lane) Thank you for everything you do for me, I honestly couldn’t ask for a better nan. Love you always and forever love Emma xxxx



Happy Mother’s Day

You are and always will be the best mum in the world

We  all love you so much mum,

You’re the Greatest

Love from Kellie,

Jamie and Billy

And all the grand kids




Thank you for being the greatest Nana in the world. We feel so happy and proud to be your grandchildren

love Alexa, George

& Arthur x



To My Darling Wife Gemma. You are so beautiful and kind. You love is the light of our family you mean the world to me. With love always. Tony x



Happy Mother’s Day

To our mum.

You truly are a gift to our family. I hope you enjoy every moment of your special day. Nobody deserves it more

love Alexa,

George & Arthur x



¤ Happy Mother’s Day Maureen! ¤

Have an amazing day!

Lots of love,

Maggie, David, Danielle & Freddie xxx



To Danielle,

Happy 1st Mother’s Day to my beautiful mummy!

Lots of love from Freddie




My darling Sister Doreen Nelson Happy Mother’s Day

It’s been 10 years and still miss you every day

Your ever loving Sister Margaret Fehilly xx



Happy Mother’s Day Mum

Margaret Fehilly

We love you more every day

From all your Children

Karen  Lynn & Michael





To the best Mum and Nanny in the whole world thank you for everything  we love you all the world and more

love Lauren Jamie Lily and Teddy xx



Happy Mother’s Day Mommy.

Love you lots

Love Joanne & Katie F. Xx



Julie Percival

Our Julie, happy mother’s day! Thank you for all that you do for us, we love you so much.

Lots of love, Candi and Milli xx



To our angel nanny Connie,

We were never lucky enough to celebrate a Mother’s Day with you how we wish we could.

Miss and love you forever,

Candi & Milli Percival




Happy Mother’s Day Sharon McManus, thank you for all you continuously do. I love you lots, from Charlotte xxx


My Mum My Friend Love you

From Tracy x



To our mum Linda Holding have a great Mother’s Day

love Michael and Debbie xx



Vera Matthews You’re a Mum in a million and I hope you can see that I love you very much and you mean the world to me

Love Tracy x



Happy Mother’s day xxx , love the Beehan’s (your little girl and Steve)



To my mummy Amy Hosier

Happy 1st Mother’s Day

I love you all the world

Olly xxx



Happy Mother’s Day to my mummy Kellie Carroll

Love you millions

Amelia xx



Happy Mother’s Day to our amazing mother Leigh Nicholls. Love you to the moon and back, John and Gemma xxx



Leigh-Ann Phelps the best mum in the world, we love you. Aj, Logan & Stevie-lea xXx



Jodie Morgan the best mum in the world, we love you. Reggie & Lenny xXx



To the best mum/ nanny ever we love you loads, have the best day Naomi, Nikkita, Jimmy, Olivia and Larry xXx



To Nanny Ellie we love you loads, have the best day love Larry, Brandon, Mikey, Jimmy & Molly xXx



To Our Mum Mary Buckingham, we love you so much. Love  Jackie and a heavenly happy mother’s day from Paddy xx



To the best Mum in the world Happy Mother’s Day. We love you millions, all our love, Trevor, Tony, Maryellen, Rebecca and Elizabeth xxxxx



To Grandmother Mary Buckingham. Love Joseph, Shelley, Jim, Patrick and Danielle. Love you nan xxxxx



Mum, Sorry for all the stress we put you through growing up (And you only knew the half of it)Happy mother’s Day,

lots of love Lisa, Billy, Dennis and Michael xx




Happy Mother’s day, thank you for all you do for each and every one of us. we love you millions love from Jamie, Tayla, Charlie & Alfie xxxx



To the best Mummy in the whole world thank you for everything you do for us, we love you sooooo much.

Love Freddy and Poppy




Mum, thanks for being such a loving and wonderful Mum.

We think you’re the best.

All our love Marianna

and George




I hope you have a lovely day, in spite of everything Mum!

Love you so much, and admire your strength and courage more than you could know.

Your ever loving son, Chris




You’re most fantastic person I have come across all through my life. You are my best gift from God I’m grateful for a wonderful mum.

Love Tessa  xx



Mum I live a life that would have made you proud of me. I love and miss you. No matter how many years go by.

Love from Jackie xx



Happy Mothers Day to our Mum Nora have a lovely day, lots of love from all the
Conneely family




Happy Heavenly Mother’s day Nanny Bet

Love & Miss you always

Luke Billy Hollie

Heidi Poppy

& Families



To Lauren,

Happy Mother’s day

Love  Lily & Teddy Xxx



Pam Quinn

Happy Mother’s day to Mum/Nan in a million,

Lots of love,

Michael, Lisa, George and Amy xxx



To Maggie Boyd,

Happy Mother’s day,

Lots of love, Liam, Bobby

& Katie




To the best Mum in the world,

Lisa Kendrick,

Happy Mother’s day,

Love you lots Lacey




Katie Jukes

Happy Mother’s day,

Thanks for everything

you do for me.

Love you always,

Have the best day,

Love Maisie




Lisa Quinn

Happy Mother’s day

Thanks for all you do,

Lots of love,

George, Amy & kitty xxx



Happy Mother’s day Nanny Yoda I hope you have a

lovely day…

you’re the best

Nanny in the world

lots of love Dylan




Happy Mother’s day Nanny Yoda I hope you have a lovely day, your the best Nanny in the

world lots of love





Happy mother’s day to our mother Maureen Hodges. Hope you have a lovely day!

Love you millions,

Leigh, Donna and Tina




The  POM – you are our muse, the wind beneath our wings and our number one Royal watcher. Love Cormac, Kev and the Nady xxx



Thinking of you

in Cornwall.

keep warm and safe

Snuggle up with the cat.

Lots of love

Dan, Bec, Lis and Suzanne




To Amy Cloonan

Happy first mother’s day.

Thank you for making us a nan and grandad for the first time, and for making George an uncle. We’re very proud of you,

love you and love our Danny George Belcher




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