Southwark pensioners fed free pie and mash on Christmas Eve after businesses rally together

Josh Salisbury (06 January, 2021)

One volunteer even added a lottery ticket to the deliveries, paid for by herself


Southwark pensioners were fed free pie ‘n’ mash on Christmas Eve thanks to an initiative from five Southwark businesses.

Jamie and Tammy Jukes, from Bermondsey Pie ‘n’ Mash met up with representatives from Millwall Community Scheme, Barry and Steve of the Communications Workers Union to collect the pies from Manze’s pie shop.

The scheme – which was backed by the News – saw volunteers Tara and Wendy assemble the orders at St Paul’s sports-ground in Rotherhithe, before being delivered by volunteers all across Southwark.

One volunteer, Jade Roberts, even added a lottery ticket to the deliveries, paid for by herself.

Tammy Jukes, of Bermondsey Pie ‘n’ Mash, said: “The volunteers went above and beyond and came from all over South East London showing true Cockney Christmas spirit.

“We’ve had many emails and calls thanking us for providing this amazing gift at Christmas to those who needed it most.

“Bermondsey Pie and Mash would like to thank Steve & Barry at CWU for the funding, Richard at Millwall Community Scheme, and Mark and staff at Manzes tower bridge for baking the pie and having them ready for the early start – it was a pleasure working alongside all of you.”


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