Southwark police officer disciplined after forging signature of suspect caught with cannabis

News Desk (30 August, 2017)

The officer was given a “final written warning” after an internal Met Police hearing


A police officer based in Southwark has been disciplined after forging the signature of a suspect whom she had issued with a Cannabis Warning.

PC Robyn Harwood-Lewis was given a “final written warning” following a Special Case Hearing on August 23.

A Met spokesperson explained that when an officer issues a warning for possession of cannabis, they must obtain the suspect’s signature to prove the warning was issued.

PC Harwood-Lewis was found to have provided a fake signature of a suspect to her supervisor when submitting her paperwork.

The chair of the hearing, assistant commissioner Martin Hewitt, found the allegation to be proven, and that the officer’s conduct breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in such a serious way that a final written warning was appropriate.

Mr Hewitt said: “Securing and maintaining the trust of the community is integral to the principle of policing by consent and in order to do so, the Met recognises that its employees must conduct themselves professionally, ethically and with the utmost integrity at all times.”


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