Southwark second worst London borough for rates of new syphilis cases

News Desk (18 August, 2016)

New research also shows a growing rate of new cases found in heterosexual males

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Southwark and Lambeth have the highest rates for diagnoses of the sexually transmitted infection syphilis, research by a government health agency shows.

Public Health England made the discovery after analysing data from 2015 for the amount of newly-diagnosed cases of syphilis in each area of the country.

The lowest rates were reported in Sutton, which had ten new cases, and Kingston upon Thames where it was diagnosed in thirteen new patients.

But topping the table with 477 new cases was Lambeth, followed by Southwark with 290, while Tower Hamlets came in third with 195.

Sexual health specialist Dr Patrick French said: “The increase we are seeing in syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections is a marker of a more general problem within sexual health and tackling this must be a priority across London.

“More awareness is needed around STIs, how they can be prevented and why it is important to have a check-up if you think you are at risk. Anyone having sex with new or casual partners should always use condoms and have regular sexual health checks.”

The research also showed a growing proportion of new cases were from heterosexual males, while 90 per cent of cases are found in homosexual men.

Like the majority of STI, syphilis is contracted via sexual intercourse or felatio.

The research also shows that 56 per cent of diagnoses from England of the disease were from London. Public Health England also warns that the disturbing figures also represent a 163 per cent increase compared to the data collected in 2010.



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