Southwark third highest for fires in the capital involving dodgy white goods 

News Desk (19 October, 2016)

Brigade has written to three Southwark MPs asking them back new legislation

4604Pic: London Fire Brigade

The London Fire Brigade has released data showing that Southwark has the third highest rates of household fires in London that are caused by faulty white goods.

The Brigade’s data shows that 98 serious fires have been caused in the borough since 2011 by dodgy appliances like washers, driers, fridges and freezers.

The cost of the damage to the tax payer for Southwark’s fires alone came to a total of almost £5.6m, for the five years, and the borough was worse off only compared with Barnet and Croydon.

Chiefs at the LFB published the figures as part of its ‘Total Recalls’ campaign, which aims to ensure the public are better protected from faulty white goods that can prove “potentially lethal”.

London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said: “There is a serious lack of awareness about the potential dangers posed by faulty white goods and manufacturers are lagging far behind when it comes to prioritising fire resistance in their designs.

“We want politicians and members of the public to share our campaign to make people better informed about the dangers white goods can pose in their homes.”

The LFB wrote to Southwark’s three MPs asking them to endorse its campaign. It has so far been taken up by Hammersmith MP Andy Slaughter, who has tabled an Early Day Motion in Parliament.


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