VIDEO: ‘Our kids are faced with needles, dirty nappies and human excrement‘

Katherine Johnston (26 October, 2018)

'I was horrified to see these videos'


A father appalled at the squalid conditions of his children’s temporary accommodation has shared videos of needles, dirty nappies and human excrement littering the Alyesbury Estate’s Taplow House.

A public Facebook where he posted videos detailing the nappies, needles, food and human excrement littered across the estate has had nearly one hundred comments and been shared by almost 200 people, many of whom shared their experiences fearing for their own children’s safety on the condemned estate.

David Bleach told the News: “My main aim was to give people a voice and to spread awareness of the dangers in that block and surrounding areas.

“There are a lot of young children in that area – so maybe have signs up in the blocks to let them know the dangers of hypodermic needles?”

One poster said: “It’s like some else said it’s the diseases that come off them. What if one of the boys slipped and fell on them?”

Another lady wrote:  “I have just two weeks ago been moved from the Ayelsbury Estate, I was in temp accommodation as well.

“I was there two and half years and my block was the same. I had allsorts imaginable right on my doorstep.

“My kid saw stuff and things, and come across people he would never ever had if I could have helped it.

“It’s disgusting what they put our babies and us mothers in.”

Mr Bleach explained he felt sorry for the addicts using the communal areas, but was scared for his kids:  “There is always a story behind one’s life that has made them turn down the wrong road.

“They just need help but help is hard to find these days. We want a safe environment for our children to grow up and be happy.”

Former residents from the condemned estate shared their own experiences living in the larger blocks.

One ex-residents said: “I remember walking out my lift on the 10th floor on Bradenham with my kids regularly…addicts injecting! Human sh** everywhere…felt like I was living in a trainspotting film!”

The Aylesbury has long-standing problems with heating and hot water, one of the reasons it has been slated for demolition, with residents also saying they have had problems with rats, mice and cockroaches.

Cllr Stephanie Cryan, Cabinet Member for Housing Management and Modernisation, said: “I was horrified to see these videos as no resident should have to live with this on their doorstep.

“We immediately sent a team to the block to clear the debris and we have increased our cleaning patrols following this complaint, with two dedicated cleaners for this block.

“We already clean the block daily and patrol every landing 2-3 times a day.

“In addition to the council’s efforts, with regards to the litter I would ask all residents to treat their communities with respect and keep their spaces clean and tidy.

“In terms of the drug-related activity, this is clearly very concerning, and a complex issue we are trying to deal with, working with colleagues in community safety and the rough sleepers outreach team.

“I’m very sorry for the distress caused and want to reassure residents we are doing all we can to deal with these issues, as every resident deserves to live in a safe and clean area.”


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