Squatters kicked out of Camberwell warehouse

News Desk (20 July, 2017)

Police and bailiffs evicted squatters from the building early on Tuesday morning

18138Abandoned warehouse in Grace's Mews, Camberwell

Squatters were evicted from an industrial building  on Tuesday morning.

Police and bailiffs raided a small warehouse, next door to the Best Way International Christian Centre in Grace’s Mews, after 7am.

Local resident Oliver Hargrove, who walked past at 8am, told the News: “There were two police officers and a group of bailiffs, and about half a dozen squatters being hoofed out.

“I saw a load of bikes and trollies loaded with stuff, including a Santander bike which they presumably borrowed.

“They had moved in a few weeks ago. They had set up a table and chairs outside and they were giving haircuts.”

She added: “I live nearby and I can’t say I’d seen much litter or heard them making a noise. They seemed like they were okay, not a***holes.”


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