St Mungos and GamCare team up to stop gamblers losing their homes

Katherine Johnston (10 September, 2018) Housing Health

Research suggests around 11 per cent of homeless people have a history of problem gambling

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A gambling charity is partnering with St Mungo’s to stop  problem gamblers becoming homeless.

GamCare, which gives support and treatment to compulsive gamblers, is providing a free, six-week course with St Mungo’s Recovery College to help gamblers in Southwark.

According to Cambridge University research, problem gambling was indicated in 11.6  per cent of the homeless population interviewed, compared to 0.7 per cent in the general population of Britain.

Figures from the Gambling Commission suggest that there could now be as many as two million people at risk of gambling-related harm in Britain.

The new course will run every Thursday from October 4 to November 8, from 5.30-7pm at St Mungo’s on Rushworth Street.

The course is open to anyone who wants to stop gambling or control and reduce gambling.

Modules will look at what leads to problem gambling, how to minimise harm caused by gambling, and how to prevent or manage relapses.

Helen Garratt, director of clinical services at GamCare, says: “We know that there is a link between problem gambling and homelessness, however these two issues are often not considered together.

“We hope that working together with St Mungo’s Recovery College, we can help to prevent problems escalating to crisis point and reduce the risk of people losing their homes.”

You can join the course from September 19-21 at 33 Rushworth Street, SE1, or by contacting 020 7902 7940/


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