Stop engine idling, use click-and-collect and other ways to tackle air pollution

Katherine Johnston (22 June, 2018)

Yesterday was Clean Air Day 2018

22815Cllr Livingstone, council and Shard teams and anti idling volunteers

Drivers and passers-by joined councillor Richard Livingstone on yesterday’s clean air day to raise awareness of the good and bad ways we can impact pollution levels across the borough.

Cllr Livingstone, who is the cabinet member for environment, transport management and air quality, played on an air quality-themed snakes and ladders board to highlight how everyday decisions can have a big impact.

He encouraged everyone in Southwark to do their bit to help tackle air pollution. This could mean leaving the car at home, walking or cycling to work as little as once a week, using click and collect rather than home-delivery, and turning off your engine when stationary.

Cllr Livingstone said: “It’s so important that we all pull together to tackle London’s air quality crisis and clean air day provides a great opportunity to get the important conversation about what we can all do to help, moving along.

“Here in Southwark we’re working with everyone from motorists and developers to educators and residents, and doing our best to improve London’s air.”

Last year the council banned engine idling and helped schools with an ‘air quality audit’ to help record and monitor pollution.

A key pledge for this year is adding more electric car charging points onto our streets.


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