Super sewer works ‘too noisy and dusty’ for furious Bermondsey residents

News Desk (11 August, 2016) Regeneration

Work at the site runs from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, with workers doing a half-day shift on a Saturday

11247Chambers Wharf: Jean Richardson

A woman living opposite the Chambers Wharf ‘super sewer’ construction site in Bermondsey claims the constant noise, dirt and disruption is causing her misery, Thomas Deacon writes…

Jean Reardon, 63, of Jacob’s House is planning to start a petition, as she claims that she and other residents are being plagued by loud noise caused by the various heavy machinery at the large site.

The site is one of 24 others making up the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a £4.2 billion project aiming to help tackle untreated sewage flowing into the Thames from London’s Victorian era sewers.

Jean said: “I have to walk around with cotton wool in my ears.

“If I knew what it was going to be like I wouldn’t have taken this flat.”

The main source of noise came from the installation of anchor piles, which have to be installed using the ‘push-pilling’ method.

Tideway stated in a public notice at the site that it “will continue to monitor noise and dust levels and use best practice to minimise any nuisance.”

Work at the site runs from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, with workers doing a half-day shift on a Saturday.

Contractors Tideway have a weekly information centre every Wednesday from 2pm to 8pm to provide residents with information and answer any questions they have.

Another complaint from residents is that dirt and dust caused by the work is covering their windows, some of which are impossible to reach and clean due to their design.

Keen gardener Jean said: “There is 24/7 dust. It’s just disgusting.”

Jacob’s House is home to many disabled people, and residents claim they have suffered since the work started as allocated parking bays have been suspended due to deliveries.

Jean said: “There are so many disabled people in this block, and they just can’t get out.”

The scheme has already faced opposition from residents at other sites, who also fear constant noise and vibration when tunnelling work starts in 2018. The project will be covered by residents with a surcharge rising to around £25.


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