Surge testing in SE5 and SE17 after South African variant identified

Katherine Johnston (15 March, 2021)

Residents 'strongly advised' to take a test


Surge testing is taking place in some parts of SE5 and SE17 after the South African variant of COVID-19 was detected in Southwark.

Today the government announced extra testing and genomic sequencing was taking place within parts of Camberwell, and Walworth, some SE5 and SE17 postcodes, along with postcodes HA2 and HA3 of Harrow, after cases were reported in both boroughs.

Residents in these postcodes are being ‘strongly advised’ to take a COVID-19 test when contacted. To see the exact postcodes CLICK HERE 

Surge testing usually involves door-to-door visits from officials encouraging people to take even if they do not have any symptoms. 

Enhanced contact tracing is also taking place to determine how the virus has transmitted in the area.

People with symptoms should book a free test at a testing site, or a home testing kit, online or by phone – here.

Those without symptoms should visit Southwark Council’s website for more information about how to get an asymptomatic test – here.


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