Surrey Quays group fundraising for Lower Road garden

Staff Reporter (31 March, 2021)

The garden will be on an unused patch of land in front of a housing block

43351Photo credit: The Garden at Lower Road Community Association

A community group in Surrey Quays is fundraising to put in a garden on a derelict strip of land, writes Kit Heren…

The Garden at Lower Road Community Association wants just over £23,000 to clear the area, put in a fence, plant trees, build a shed and create a pond, among other plans.    

The Garden SE8 will be on a space that has lain unused for a long time on Lower Road, just north of Croft Street, in front of a private residential development. Volunteers have already begun clearing the area of brambles and said they also collected about 100kg of rubbish. The next stage will be to prepare the soil, fence off the area and begin planting.

Volunteers hope to have the garden ready for summer this year, after getting permission from the owners of the land in November 2020. Anyone can volunteer or become a member of the garden.  

“Our vision is to create a garden dedicated to growing vegetables and plants, for the wellbeing of our local community,” the group said on its website. It will be designed to be accessible for the youngest and eldest of our communities. Children of all ages will be specially welcome. 

“The garden will be gated and accessible to members and volunteers during agreed times and open sessions, to be held on an agreed schedule such as Sunday mornings. Everyone is welcome to become a member or volunteer of the garden.”

The group has already raised more than £19,000 for the new garden. You can donate here: 


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