Armed police hunt for man in Surrey Quays shopping centre after gun and bullets seized from car

Josh Salisbury (19 November, 2020)

Police are trying to find the third man who ran from the car into the shopping centre

233Tesco at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre

Armed police swooped into Surrey Quays Shopping Centre this afternoon while chasing a man from a car that had a gun inside.

Police from the Violent Crime Task Force stopped a car on Lower Road shortly before 3pm, and found a “quantity of drugs, ammunition and a firearm.”

Two men from the car were arrested and have been taken into a custody.

But a third man ran from the car into the direction of Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, said police.

Armed police were called to look for him inside the shopping centre, to the surprise of shoppers.

Pictures on social media show a queue of shoppers evacuated from the centre this afternoon. It is not immediately clear if this was connected.

Officers did not manage to find the third man, and are still looking for him.

“He has not been found but enquiries continue to locate him,” said a spokesperson.

“Officers will remain in the area while the search continues.”


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