Surrey Square School children go on virtual school trip

Admin (18 February, 2015)

The Walworth pupils visited a Oxfordshire farm through new educational technology tool Online Field Trip.

528Class 1 pupils at Surrey Square School learn about eggs.

A Walworth primary school class went on a field trip to an Oxfordshire farm last week – without ever leaving their school grounds.

Year 1 pupils from Surrey Square School were transported to the farm through Online Field Trip, an innovative new learning technology which can be used to teach children about matters far from their classroom.

Using a video screen, the children met farmer Jean-Paul during their virtual trip and learned all about how eggs are laid, collected and packed ready for the shops.

The pupils were able to talk to him and ask questions via the screen. They also took part in activities using in-class materials with the help of instructions given on-screen.

Teacher Stephen Moseley said:  “I thought the children really enjoyed the experience. They loved cracking the eggs and doing cooking. It was a great way to use modern technology in the classroom, and brought the subject of healthy eating and food to life. It gave us an opportunity to talk to a farmer that we wouldn’t have otherwise. We would definitely do it again as it was so easy to do.”

Online Field Trip was created by Tesco as part of their Eat Happy Project, which aims to get young people to enjoy healthier lives.


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