Tate Modern boy, 6, ‘thrown’ 100ft from viewing platform is out of intensive care, say parents

Josh Salisbury (18 October, 2019)

The little boy is making progress, said his parents today, and is now out of intensive care

27885Tate Modern (Image: Fred Romero / CC.20)

The little six-year-old boy allegedly thrown 100ft from the Tate Modern’s viewing platform is out of intensive care and in a rehabilitation centre, his parents have said today.

In an update shared online, the parents of the little French boy, who suffered a fractured spine, arms and legs after the fall, said he is making “some little progresses.”

Eighteen-year-old Jonty Bravery, of Ealing, has been charged with attempted murder in connection with the attack and is expected to go on trial in February.

A ban on identifying him expired earlier this month after he turned eighteen.

The doting parents of the French boy said: “He still has some metal in his body but instead of plasters he has got a full armor of splints: legs, feet, hands, arms, neck and torso.

“It is impressive; he looks like a little knight, and we can take these splints off sometimes.

“He also makes some little progresses: he moves his right hand more and more and arm on command (he catches us most of the time when we are nearby!), even if he feels sometimes a little bit sad when he doesn’t manage to do what he tries.”

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The family have previously spoken of their anguish at their boy’s condition, as he is unable to speak or eat properly following the fall.

“We really hope he will speak and eat again as soon as possible, but we know that it can take months,” they added.

“Thank you so much all of you again to help us in our fight, our little boy doesn’t give up, and we neither!”

The update was posted on a fundraising page set up by a well-wisher in Britain, Vicky Diplacto, who was not previously known to the family.

Ms Diplacto’s appeal has so far raised over €126,000 to go towards paying for the boy’s recovery.

“The focus of this page is to continue to raise as much funds as possible in order that we can get this boy the very best rehabilitation going forward,” she said.

“Although it is a positive step that he is no longer in intensive care in hospital, he has suffered extremely serious injuries for which will continue to require specialist care.”

More than three thousand people have donated.


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