Boy thrown 100 feet from Tate Modern platform able to stand unaided again

Josh Salisbury (28 September, 2020)

The little boy continues to make good progress, say his parents

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The little boy who suffered catastrophic injuries when he was thrown 100 feet from the Tate Modern is able to stand unaided again.

The seven-year-old was thrown from the Tate’s viewing platform by teenager Jonty Bravery in a random August 2019 attack.

Bravery was jailed for at least fifteen years for attempted murder, with a court hearing he had committed the crime because he wanted to be on TV.

Jonty Bravery told cops he planned the attempted murder because he wanted to be on TV

The victim, who cannot be named, has now been moved to a specialist rehab centre in his native France, where he continues to recover from the horrific injuries.

In an update to well-wishers, his parents described how their “little knight” has improved, despite being left needing round-the-clock care until 2022 by the fall.

“He can at last stand on his legs without any help or support! Still, and only a few moments, because he still has not regained his balance in walking, but we are so happy to see him like that!” they said. 

“Furthermore, his memory is gradually improving: he can now remember activities he has done the same day or the day before!”

The youngster, who was six at the time of the attack, can now eat food alone if it has been pre-cut, and has started drinking thickened liquids again.

The boy spends weekdays at the new centre, which his parents have praised, and his weekends with family.

“It’s a very important progress,” they added.

“At the moment, we are still far from home, but we have come close enough that our son’s friends can come and visit him more often, as well as our family. 

“The lockdown had isolated us so much: it was really, really hard.”

A fundraiser for the family, started by the public after the horrific crime, has raised around £250,000 towards the boy’s care.


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