Boy, 6, thrown from Tate Modern can now sit up and use spoons

Josh Salisbury (26 March, 2020)

His attacker, Jonty Bravery, is awaiting sentencing after confessing to attempted murder

34080Image: Tate Modern

The little boy thrown from the Tate Modern’s viewing platform in a random attack is making good progress, say his family.

The boy, who was aged only six at the time of the attack in August, was left with serious life-changing injuries after evil Jonty Bravery threw him an estimated 100 feet to the ground.

Bravery, 18, admitted a charge of attempted murder in December – and he reportedly told police he did it so that he could be on TV.

Now the boy’s parents say their “little knight” is “slowly but surely continuing to progress.”

Among the improvements in his condition are being able to sit in a chair unaided, and being able to eat all soft foods.

“He has gained muscle tone and regained enough strength to manage to sit longer in a sitting position and straighter in his chair without the help of his corset,” say the boy’s parents in their latest update.

“He can now eat all soft foods and can almost eat all of his meals on his own, holding his spoon himself with his right hand.

“As he has more strength, he also has more breath and for that reason, we understand better what he says and he manages to speak to us more.”

He has also begun to move his left arm, though this is tiring. The parents added their thanks to all the generous members of the public who have sent well-wishes.

Jonty Bravery reportedly told cops he planned the attempted murder because he wanted to be on TV

More than  €220,000 has been raised for the family’s medical bills by strangers moved by the boy’s plight.

“We are very moved to see that you continue to think of our little knight in these difficult times,” add the family.

“At the hospital, the situation is more complicated with the coronavirus epidemic and containment measures, but you are still there for us: how to thank you?

“Please stay safe and take care of yourself and those you love.”

Bravery is currently awaiting sentencing for his horrific crime.

Last month, a recording emerged which appeared to show the attacker telling carers of a plan to throw someone from a tall building, such as The Shard before August’s horror.


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