Little boy thrown from Tate Modern in random attack making good progress, say parents

Josh Salisbury (27 January, 2020)

"He can now eat mash. We hope that he will be able to drink soon," say the victim's parents

34398Left: Jonty Bravery and right: Tate Modern

The little boy thrown more than 100 feet from the Tate Modern in August can now open his left hand, say his parents.

The boy’s parents say their “little knight” is making progress on long journey to recovery after being thrown from the Tate Modern’s viewing platform by teenager, Jonty Bravery.

Bravery, 18, admitted attempted murder in December – and reportedly told cops he wanted to do it so he could be on the TV.

In their latest update about their six-year-old boy’s condition, the French boy’s parents said: “Hello everybody, one month has passed [since our last update] and we are more and more tired.

“But our son is still in progress. He can now eat mash. We hope that he will be able to drink soon, with a straw to start with.

“He cannot use his left arm but he manages to open his left hand when we ask him to do it two or three times in a row.

“We understand better and better what he tells us.”

The boy was thrown from the Tate Modern’s viewing platform by Bravery

However, their little boy is still suffering from the serious wounds Bravery inflicted on him during the random attack.

The family had been visiting the popular tourist attraction from France when Bravery struck, leaving the boy with a deep bleed on the brain among other injuries.

“However, he still cannot stand or walk, and has great difficulty staying focused and thinking,” the parents added.

“Thank you all for your help. We keep fighting with our little knight.”

The update was posted on a crowdfunding appeal set up by a stranger to pay for the family’s medical bills following the tragedy.

“Every little progress is so wonderful to read. What a little fighter he is,” said the page’s founder, Vicky Diplacto.

So far, well-wishers have raised nearly €200,000 for the boy and his family. Bravery is expected to be sentenced next month.

Rachel Hughes says:

Printing a photo of Bravery just gives him the publicity/notoriety he craves!

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