Technology to target false claims of single person council tax discount

Admin (01 October, 2015)

If you do not live alone any longer, contact the council now to avoid a fine


Southwark Council is going to be knocking on doors to check people who are claiming the single person council tax discount are living alone.

Starting this month, a selection of households currently claiming the 25 percent subsidy will be subject to checks using the latest data matching technology, working with credit reference agencies.

Residents who are found to be fraudulently claiming the discount could be fined £70, may face prosecution and will be required to pay back the amount that has been incorrectly claimed.

Councillor Fiona Colley, Southwark’s cabinet member for finance, said: “It’s really important that residents speak to us about any change in circumstances to avoid potential penalties.

“We need the right level of council tax to be able to pay for vital services that benefits all residents but unfortunately, there is a small number of people who are purposefully defrauding the council, which is why this review is so important.”

Anyone who believes that they may no longer be entitled to a Council Tax discount should contact Southwark Council; on 020 7525 1850 or email


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