Ten microbreweries set to open under one roof in Bermondsey

News Desk (11 August, 2016)

The project is to launch on August 15

11281Johnny Clayton, Ubrew head brewer

Ten new microbreweries will operate under just one roof in a new project from Bermondsey brewery Ubrew, Thomas Deacon writes

The project starts on August 15 and will give up-and-coming brewers access to top of the range stainless equipment, helping them to break into the market.

Co-founder Matthew Denha, 32, said: “We get to help them achieve their dreams, and also work with some great brewers.”

“When we started out we struggled to find a space to brew and we realised that there are probably more people like that.”

Ubrew will provide a licence for their business, help provide the branding and packaging, and also offer some helpful business advice.

Matthew said: “There’s some really talented brewers that struggle to get their business off the ground, and we’re really, really excited to help.”

The project is based on a monthly £550 subscription, with the first month already sold out.

One month’s batch will create around 2200 bottles, which can be sold on for around five to six thousand pound at retail price.

Due to the massive level of interest Ubrew received after floating the idea, they plan to double their capacity over the next few months.


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