TEN YEARS AGO: Coffins were carried in Peckham

Kevin Quinn (15 September, 2018)

Drop the weapons campaign - police wanted to highlight what action they were taking to prevent knife crime.


The News will regularly delve into our archives to bring you stories that you might remember from the paper – this is from ten years ago, almost to the day 

Coffins were carried in Peckham on Saturday in September 2008, as the police recreated their anti-knife crime advertising campaign.

The television advert depicted a boy taking a knife from a drawer in his home, and gradually being followed as he walks the streets by people who might suffer as a consequence of this action.

Those who follow the boy include grieving relatives, a distraught girlfriend, hospital staff and eventually funeral bearers carrying the coffin of his potential victim.

The parade commenced at about midday, and was an attempt by police to engage the community and highlight just what action they were taking to prevent knife crime.


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