Terminally ill Millwall fan appeals to fellow supporters to help her realise ‘fairytale wedding’ dream

News Desk (23 April, 2015)

Courtney Terry is fundraising for her dream wedding after doctors told her to bring forward the date from November.

2000Courtney, Billy and little Dolcie

A terminally ill Millwall fan has appealed to fellow supporters to help make her dream of a fairytale wedding come true.

Courtney Terry was first diagnosed with cancer eight years ago. She fought the disease with chemotherapy and a kidney removal but sadly it returned after she became pregnant in 2009.

She planned to marry her fiancé Billy in November this year but doctors have advised her to move forward the date due to her deteriorating condition.

The couple are now fundraising to help organise their £20k dream wedding at short notice, which they hope will provide happy memories for friends and family – especially their five-year-old daughter Dolcie, whose birth they describe as a ‘miracle’.

She told the News: “Dolcie can’t wait until the wedding. She’s saying she’s getting married too, she wants a ring as well! I want her to look at these memories with happy tears.

“Dolcie keeps me and Billy strong. If either of us have a bad day she always cheers us up, she’s so loving and caring. She looks after me when I’m in bed and puts Disney films on for us to watch together.  I get up and fight each day because of her.”

Family pic 2

Courtney describes her engagement to Billy as ‘the best night’. She said: “When Billy proposed to me I was totally shocked – I didn’t expect it at all. We went out for the night to the theatre to see Dirty Dancing and stayed at a hotel. It was the first time in ages that I felt well enough to go out.

“I went to get something from the car and when I came back to the hotel room Billy covered my eyes. He had put petals on the bed spelling ‘marry me’ and then he got the ring and asked me to marry him. We both cried and I said ‘yes, of course I will’.

“Billy has kept me strong through this journey. Whatever, whenever – he’s there. He makes me laugh every day, and when I’m ill in bed he constantly checks on me and makes sure I take my medication.”

Courtney, who lost her 21-year-old brother Jordan to the same disease in 2008, is a lifelong Millwall fan. She said: “I’ve been a Millwall fan for many years. I remember going with my dad every week, although I haven’t been in a long time due to not being well. I’d like to ask them to help a fellow Millwall fan along the way to her dream day.”

Help Courtney, Billy and Dolcie realise their dream by donating here http://causewish.com/project/courtney-s-final-wish

Jason Green says:

Some of our wage thief players should stump this up between them.

Hoyte, Bailey, Chaplow & Maierhofer – £5k each please.

Poseidon Harris says:

Im a west ham fan. To see this is tragic and I would be happy to help. I saw this post on a west ham based group. I can not speak for all but most will help just to make a dream come true. For once lets put aside our differences and do what needs to be done.

Guiseley White says:

Leeds fan here and hope this comes for you, aware there’s no love lost between our clubs but this goes above petty rivalry. Sincere good wishes

Master Jay says:

Life Long Wall, But Humanity and compassion runs just as Deep, Well done all supporters for stepping up for this heartbreaking cause, Please share to gain as much publicity as possible,

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