Tesco tells customers who claim to have lost money at Surrey Quays ATM to contact their bank

Josh Salisbury (27 August, 2020)

The supermarket giant said it was a rare occurrence and that anyone affected should contact their bank

233Tesco at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre

Tesco has urged customers who may have lost money at their ATM in Surrey Quays to contact their bank, after allegations the machine has taken customers’ cash.

It comes after a News reader contacted the paper alleging that their relatives had been ‘scammed’ by the machine

“People are being regularly scammed including my mum and step-dad,” said reader Mike McEvoy.

The card allegedly jammed, while money was taken out of the account, he said.

Similar reports have been made on local residents’ forums on social media. One alleged victim said: “My husband just tried to use [the] cash point at Tesco, he put [the] card in and pin then the machine went blank.

“By the time I got through to the bank someone had already taken £250.00 out of his account.”

In response to queries by the News, Tesco said the cash point was investigated on a 24/7 basis so that any issues could be remedied.

The supermarket giant also added that cash being taken from an ATM was a “rare occurrence.”

“We monitor the health of our ATM estate on a 24-7 basis and investigate and remedy all issues raised with us,” said a Tesco spokesperson.

“We are sorry if any customers have not received the cash they requested.

“This is a rare occurrence and we ask that any impacted customers contact their card issuing bank to receive a full refund.”


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