TfL proposes ban on right hand turn at junction of Southwark Park Road and Jamaica Road

Josh Salisbury (06 March, 2019)

The consultation is part of a fresh round of proposals for the CS4 cycling route

28268A map which shows the banned right-hand turn

Transport for London is proposing to ban the right hand turn out of Southwark Park Road to Jamaica Road in a new consultation for the CS4 cycle route.

Taxis, buses and cyclists would be exempt from the ban, which would last an initial twelve months if approved.

Other measures in the proposals include creating new straight across crossings for pedestrians on Southwark Park Road and West Lane and new right turn pockets for cyclists at the junctions.

Motorists driving east from Southwark Park Road would be able to get onto Jamaica Road by Clements and St James’ Road, said TfL.

“Reducing traffic volumes on Southwark Park Road would reduce congestion at peak periods, make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road and improve conditions for people who want to cycle,” TfL said in its consultation published online last week.

“It would also ease the eastbound flow along Jamaica Road towards Rotherhithe Tunnel by reducing the number of vehicles joining from Southwark Park Road.”

Modelling suggests barring the right-hand turn would displace motorists using coming from Southwark Park Road to the Rotherhithe Tunnel in favour of other crossings.

This is the second round of consultation on the CS4 cycle route, with the first round receiving 3,200 responses.

The full details can be found on the TfL website here and closes on April 2 2019.


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