The Bermondsey Caveman gets a job!

News Desk (17 February, 2016)

The Stone Age resident currently perched on a Clements Road roof looks set for a spot of window cleaning, judging by a photo sent in by a News reader

7855Photo taken by Elizabeth Bond

Eagle-eyed Bermondsey residents will have spotted an unusual addition to SE16 this month: a Stone Age caveman in Clements Road!

However, it appears that the caveman’s days of lounging around of garage roofs are over – at least judging by a photo sent in to the News by reader Elizabeth Bond.

She noticed the model is now wearing a harness and decked out with window-washing equipment.

Elizabeth told the News: “Whoever has changed him into a window cleaner has a cracking sense of humour and has made my morning walk to the station.

“I’m loving my walk to work at the moment. 8am turn the corner in Clements Road and get to wave at my new friend.”

"Men working overhead"

“Men working overhead”